Acceptance speeches from Tom's 20th Annual Oscar Contest, 2003

Richard Mansfield, First Place Winner:

"Who could imagine one person (moi) winning TWO first place awards in one year? To tie with oneself for best of the makes one truly humble. It also makes one use the word 'one,' for some reason.

"Anyway, after my unique double-win tonight the e-mail didn't exactly pour in! Baffling, isn't it? But thanks to the two of you who did write.

"In past years detractors have hissed among themselves 'his only talent is spotting talent in others.' Well, so what? That's a talent of a sort! And to put to rest those comments that I'm greedy for the prize money, I'm donating a portion of my winnings this year to the Sacheen Littlefeather memorial fund (a small portion). With me, it's not about the money, or even the glory of winning over and over and over again year in and year out. I forget what it's about."

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