Acceptance speeches from Tom's 23rd Annual Oscar Contest, 2006

Robert Lock, First Place Winner:

"I feel happy,
Oh so happy,
Happy and giddy and gay...

"Oh wait, that was if that other movie won.

"It's hard out here to be the best
When I'm just trying to get it together for this contest
When a lot are talking trash at my pick
And sayin' how I voted isn't slick.

"In all my years I've seen crazy things in these votes
I've seen people shrill, I've seen people deal
But I'm just going to keep my eyes on my notes.

"In all these years I never did better than TWO in the totes
And now it's gotten a lot harder because I'm number ONE,
Now I'm under the gun
Might be best if I retire while I'm regarded.

"This year's choices included pure crunk
And it put me in a funk
But I got the win and above the din
You can thank the 'Crash'
At the bash
Made ME best in the west."

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