Acceptance speeches from Tom's 24th Annual Oscar Contest, 2007

Bryan Farmer, First Place Prize Winner:

"After playing Tom's Oscar Contest for over ten years, it's about time I won; no more second place for me! And a huge thanks to Tom for doing his Oscar contest each and every year!"

Lance Elko, Second Place Prize Winner:

"After two decades of lackluster performance, I hardly expected to do anything better than make the middle of the pack -- my usual place in the standings. This year, I saw more of the films nominated than usual, so maybe that helped a bit.

"And, Tom, thanks much for running the contest. It's always a lot of fun."

Amy Johnson, Booby Prize Winner:

"Wow, who could have imagined that a homeless girl from the Bronx would one day reach the nadir of Hollywood prognostication. I would like to thank the Academy for choosing to honor nearly everyone I didn't pick, Tom Halfhill for running the best Oscar contest in the world, Al Gore for his subtle campaign to be mayor of Malibu, everyone I've ever worked with -- I love you all -- and my wonderful husband, who has encouraged me every step of the way, even when I didn't believe in myself.

"I dedicate this, my second win, to my mother, who's with me in spirit. I like to think that my success here demonstrates the truth in the wise advice of Ellen Degeneres. By aiming lower, we can all achieve our dreams."

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