Acceptance speeches

Tom's 25th Annual Oscar Contest
February 24, 2008

First Place: Lance Elko
Second Place: Ezra Olson
Booby Prize: Amy Helen Johnson

Lance Elko, First Place Winner:

"Silly me! I forgot about the Oscars on Sunday night because I saw that the USA Network had (at last!) scheduled Episode 79 of Walker, Texas Ranger. Overjoyed, I put all else out of my mind for the evening. I'm sure the Oscars were fun to watch, and I plan on sending my winnings as a political conrribution to whatever candidate Chuck Norris decides to support. (Also, thank you, Tom, for making this a fun annual event.)"

Ezra Olson, Second Place Winner:

"I would like to thank my parents for knowing Kathy Yakal and leading me to this marvelous contest."

Amy Johnson, Booby Prize Winner:

"Two-peat! Damned sound mixing!"

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