Contest Summary and Acceptance Speeches

Tom's 35th Annual Oscar Contest
March 4, 2018

First Place Prize: Christopher Null (125 points, 1st ballot)
Second Place Prize: Rebecca Willingham (125 points, 2nd ballot)
Booby Prize: Leslie Mizell (0 points, tie)
Last Place (tie): Computer Booby (0 points, ineligible)

Contest Summary

Christopher Null won this year's contest at the last minute by choosing The Shape of Water for Best Picture, which leapfrogged him over the previous leader, Denny Atkin, who chose Get Out. Christopher finished with 125 points (out of 132 possible).

This is Christopher's fourth win. His first victory came in 1998, followed by first-place finishes in 2005 (in a three-way tie) and 2014. He also finished second in 1999, 2000, and 2016. Read his acceptance speech.

Rebecca Willingham tied Christopher's high score but finished in Second Place because she submitted her ballot two weeks later. Rebecca won First Place in 2015. Read her acceptance speech.

Leslie Mizell won the last-place Booby Prize by scoring a perfectly wrong zero points. She tied the Computer Booby artificial contestant, which is ineligible to win the prize. Leslie has won the Booby Prize 17 times since 1989 (some years were ties). She has also won First Place three times. Read her acceptance speech.

Acceptance Speeches

Christopher Null, First Place Prize:

"What an exciting night. I'd like to dedicate this victory to my daughter Zoe, who mysteriously didn't get her ballot submitted properly but who was certain that Timothee Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan would win, and to my wife Susanne, who is in L.A. and was actually in the bleachers on the red carpet today, and who will clearly never let me forget it. Also a shout-out to Moviepass: I managed to see all but one of the Best Picture nominees thanks to this 'movies by subscription' service.

"Finally, as always, I'd like to thank Tom for running this competition for so many years and making what can sometimes be a tedious slog into tons of fun. As before, please donate my winnings to the charity of your choosing."

Rebecca Willingham, Second Place Prize:

"To quote one of the greatest films ever made, Bring It On, 'So second place ... how does it feel?' 'Feels like first.'

"Thank you to Tom for this event, Greta Gerwig, Sean Baker, Jordan Peele, and Luca Guadagnino for directing the best films of 2017, and all my friends who didn't laugh at me when I cried during the Mystery of Love performance and when James Ivory won for Adapted Screenplay. And finally, I must always thank Peter Jackson for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which created my love of the Oscars."

Leslie Mizell, Booby Prize:

"After my humiliating score of two points last year and three points in 2016, I was determined to return to my glory days. I increased my odds by seeing features of both the Animated Shorts and the Live-Action Shorts down at the local cinema. Thus, I have spend $13.50 to win this $10 prize. But it's worth it to poke a finger in the sprockets of my long-time Booby Prize nemeses, David Hensley and Amy Helen Johnson.

"By the way, like Rita Moreno, I recycled the gown from my first recorded win in 1989 to wear tonight. I looked stunning."

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