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Tom R. Halfhill
Journalist / Analyst / Technical Writer

Tom works in Silicon Valley as a senior technology analyst for The Linley Group and a senior editor of Microprocessor Report. He rejoined Microprocessor Report in 2002 after working as a technical analyst and writer for ARC International, a British company that designed and licensed configurable microprocessor cores, peripheral IP, development tools, and software for embedded systems. (ARC is now owned by Synopsys.) Tom went to ARC after working for Microprocessor Report in 1999–2000.

Tom has been a journalist since 1977 and has covered technology since 1982. Before his first stint at Microprocessor Report, he was a senior editor at BYTE Magazine for six years. At BYTE, Tom wrote nearly 200 articles about microprocessors, Java, thin-client computing, computer reliability, data compression, broadband communications, and many other topics.

Before joining BYTE, Tom was the editor of several magazines that covered personal computers and electronic games, such as Compute! and Game Player's. In the 1980s, he was the launch editor of five computer magazines and a technology newsletter. He has been a co-author, contributor, or editor of more than 20 books on subjects as varied as computer programming, the Civil War, and mass murder. He wrote a technology column for various computer magazines continuously for nearly 23 years, which may be a world record.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Kent State University in 1977, Tom started his career as a daily newspaper reporter. He was introduced to computers when the newspaper switched from manual typewriters to VDTs in the late 1970s, and he bought his first computer in 1981. His hobbies include photography, guitar, and recreational programming on Macs and PCs. Visit his personal web site, The Electric Brain.

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