Tom's 35th Annual Oscar Contest

Contest Deadline: Friday midnight (your local time), March 2
Oscar Night: Sunday, March 4

  • Enter Tom's Oscar Contest. You can enter in minutes by submitting an online ballot with Oscar BallotMaker. You must have a password to enter the contest. If you haven't already received a password, request one using this feedback page. Sorry, this contest is restricted to Tom's friends, friends of Tom's friends, and previous contestants.

  • Check the real-time scoreboard after the contest begins on Sunday night, March 4. Tom's OscarCalc program automatically calculates the scores after each Oscar is presented on TV, then posts the results online within minutes. Click the Reload or Refresh button on your browser toolbar to update the scoreboard screen after each award. You can also view any contestant's ballot. (No password required.)

  • See the Oscar predictions made by OscarCalc, the miracle program behind Tom's Oscar Contest. Each year, in addition to automatically tabulating the scores, OscarCalc predicts with uncanny accuracy who will win an Oscar in each award category. (These predictions form the basis of the computer-generated virtual contestants.) Last year, OscarCalc correctly predicted the winners in 16 of 24 Oscar categories (67%). This year's predictions will be posted before the Academy Awards show begins on Sunday, March 4. (No password required.)

  • See the final scores from last year's contest (no password required). The winner for the second consecutive year was Todd Heimarck, whose contrarian choice of Moonlight for Best Picture vaulted him above three other contestants after La La Land was mistakenly announced as the winner on TV. The Second Place Prize went to David English, whose 99 points beat two other contestants with the same score who submitted their Oscar ballots later. The last-place Booby Prize went to David Hensley, whose perfect score of zero points tied a computer-generated contestant (Computer Booby). You can read the story of the 2017 contest and the winners' acceptance speeches. (No password required.)

  • Visit the Hall of Fame for Tom's Oscar Contest. You can see the names of all winners from 1989 to 2017. Sorry, earlier years are not available. (No password required.)

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